10 Best Family Friendly Bike Paths in Europe

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A family of cyclists enjoying a sunny day on the Loire à Vélo route with a view of the Loire River and a grand castle in the background, epitomising the charm of family cycling adventures in Europe.

Cycling is a wonderful way to explore the world, and Europe is no exception. With its rich culture, varied landscapes, and well-maintained paths, it’s a paradise for cyclists. But the best part? Many of these routes are perfect for families! Here’s our list of the top 10 family-friendly bike paths in Europe.

1. Danube Bike Path, Germany to Hungary Starting in Germany and ending in Hungary, the Danube Bike Path is one of the most famous cycling paths in Europe. It’s particularly family-friendly due to its mostly flat terrain and its path being away from traffic.

2. Loire à Vélo, France The Loire à Vélo is a scenic 900-km bike route following the majestic Loire River. The route takes you past castles, vineyards, and quaint towns, and with plenty of rest spots, it’s perfect for families.

3. Via Rhona, Switzerland to France Linking Lake Geneva to the Mediterranean, the Via Rhona offers a variety of landscapes, from Swiss Alps to the lavender fields of Provence. It has smooth paths and lots of places to stop and rest, making it great for families.

4. Donauradweg, Austria This portion of the Danube River path, the Donauradweg, passes through Austria’s stunning Wachau region. With quiet roads and captivating scenery, it’s a peaceful and manageable ride for families.

5. Baltic Sea Cycle Route, Denmark One of Denmark’s most loved cycling routes, the Baltic Sea Cycle Route, or Route 8, is a great family-friendly choice. With its flat paths, seaside views, and cosy coastal towns, it’s a delight for riders of all ages.

6. North Sea Cycle Route, UK to Norway The North Sea Cycle Route is the world’s longest signed international cycle route, running from the Shetland Islands in Scotland to Bergen in Norway. Choose a manageable section of the route for a family-friendly adventure.

7. Elbe Cycle Path, Czech Republic to Germany The Elbe Cycle Path follows the Elbe River from its source in the Czech Republic all the way to the North Sea in Germany. It’s mostly flat and offers a variety of cultural and historical attractions, ideal for a family excursion.

8. EV1 Atlantic Coast Route, Portugal to Norway Part of the EuroVelo network, the EV1 runs from Portugal to Norway. The French portion is particularly family-friendly, with flat terrain and beautiful beach views.

9. The Greenways, Spain Spain’s Vias Verdes (Green Ways) are old railway tracks converted into cycling paths. With over 2,000 km of gentle, traffic-free trails, they’re fantastic for family rides.

10. Lake Balaton Cycle Path, Hungary The Lake Balaton Cycle Path offers 200 km of easy-going, family-friendly trails. Hungary’s “inland sea” is a delightful backdrop, and the many beaches along the path offer great stop-off points.


Q: Are these bike paths safe for young children? A: Yes, these paths are generally safe for children as they are mostly flat, away from traffic, and have many rest points.

Q: Can we rent bikes in these locations? A: Most of these locations have bike rental services, making it convenient for families.

Q: Are there accommodation facilities along these paths? A: Yes, these routes offer a variety of accommodation options, from campsites to hotels.


Europe offers an array of family-friendly bike paths that combine fitness, fun, and adventure. Whether you fancy cycling past castles in France or along a peaceful lake in Hungary, there’s a route for every family. So pack up your helmets and embark on a cycling journey your family will remember!