12 Bucket List Bike Tours for Every Cycling Enthusiast

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A cyclist at the top of a high pass on the Route des Grandes Alpes, with dramatic mountain peaks in the backdrop, captures the spirit of adventure and achievement these bucket - list bike tours represent.

The world offers endless opportunities for unique, exhilarating cycling tours. From vast landscapes to historical paths, here are 12 bucket-list bike tours that every cycling enthusiast should experience.

1. The Great Ocean Road, Australia Embark on a captivating journey along The Great Ocean Road, known for its dramatic ocean views and iconic limestone stacks known as the Twelve Apostles.

2. The Ring of Kerry, Ireland Explore the Ring of Kerry in Ireland, known for its stunning landscapes, charming villages, and fascinating historical landmarks such as Ross Castle.

3. Pacific Coast Highway, USA The Pacific Coast Highway offers a spectacular coastline ride from Oregon to California, passing through breathtaking national parks and forests.

4. Route des Grandes Alpes, France Experience the majestic mountain vistas of the Route des Grandes Alpes, passing through some of the highest and most scenic passes in the French Alps.

5. South Island, New Zealand South Island offers diverse landscapes from beaches and rainforests to mountains, making it a stunning destination for a cycling tour.

6. Otago Peninsula, New Zealand The Otago Peninsula presents a unique wildlife experience with a chance to see the royal albatross, yellow-eyed penguins, and more while cycling.

7. The Danube Cycle Path, Germany to Hungary The Danube Cycle Path is a gentle ride along one of Europe’s longest rivers, showcasing beautiful cities like Vienna and Budapest.

8. The Shimanami Kaido, Japan The Shimanami Kaido offers an exceptional bike tour that crosses multiple bridges and islands, with picturesque views of the Seto Inland Sea.

9. The Carretera Austral, Chile Riding the Carretera Austral promises a thrilling journey through remote landscapes, dense forests, and glacial fjords.

10. The Munda Biddi Trail, Australia The Munda Biddi Trail is a world-class, long-distance off-road cycle trail, offering a unique wilderness experience and passing through charming towns.

11. The Rhine Route, Switzerland to the Netherlands The Rhine Route is a classic cycle touring route that follows the Rhine River, passing through historic towns and scenic vineyards.

12. The Death Road, Bolivia For the ultimate adrenaline rush, cycle down The Death Road in Bolivia. This is for experienced cyclists seeking thrills and an unforgettable adventure.


Q: What kind of bike is suitable for these tours? A: Depending on the tour and terrain, you may need a road bike, touring bike, or a mountain bike.

Q: Are these bike tours suitable for beginners? A: Some of the listed tours, like the Danube Cycle Path and the Rhine Route, are suitable for beginners due to their flat terrain and well-developed infrastructure.

Q: Do I need to book these tours in advance? A: While you can independently cycle many of these routes, booking a tour offers benefits like luggage transfers, accommodation bookings, and route support.


Cycling is more than a sport—it’s a means of discovery, a way to connect with nature, and a ticket to freedom. These 12 bucket-list bike tours offer experiences that every cycling enthusiast will treasure.

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