5 Hidden Gem Bicycle Trails Only Locals Know About

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A cyclist riding on the Route du Vin, Luxembourg, with lush vineyards on one side and the Moselle River on the other. The image should capture the tranquility and unspoiled beauty of this hidden cycling trail.

Every cyclist dreams of discovering a secluded, unspoiled trail — an experience untainted by mass tourism, where one can truly connect with nature or immerse in the local culture. If you’re one of these adventurers, you’re in for a treat! We’ve gathered five hidden-gem bicycle trails from around the world that only the locals know about.

1. Route du Vin, Luxembourg Known as the Wine Route, this 42 km long trail winds its way through the enchanting Moselle Valley. It’s a local secret because it offers a captivating blend of picturesque vineyards, historic wineries, and quaint villages. If you fancy a break, stop off at one of the local wine cellars for a tasting – a true hidden gem for oenophiles.

2. Sella Ronda, Italy Situated in the heart of the Dolomites, the Sella Ronda is a hidden paradise for avid cyclists. This 53-kilometer loop immerses riders in the majestic beauty of craggy peaks, emerald meadows, and charming alpine villages. Its challenging climbs and thrilling descents make it a local favorite.

3. Route of the Hiawatha, USA The Route of the Hiawatha is one of Idaho’s best-kept secrets. Once a part of the historic Milwaukee Railroad, this 15-mile trail takes cyclists through the breathtaking beauty of the Bitterroot Mountains, crossing trestle bridges and going through old train tunnels.

4. Fruška Gora Mountain, Serbia Nestled in the northern part of Serbia, Fruška Gora Mountain offers a network of bike trails that take you through lush forests, idyllic vineyards, and past 16 ancient monasteries. With routes varying in difficulty, it’s an undiscovered treasure for both beginner and experienced cyclists.

5. The Caledonia Way, Scotland The Caledonia Way is a lesser-known 377-kilometer route stretching from Campbeltown to Inverness. This hidden jewel takes cyclists through the wild beauty of the Scottish Highlands, past serene lochs, historic castles, and quaint Gaelic-speaking villages.


Q: Are there cycling trails suitable for beginners? A: Yes, the Route du Vin in Luxembourg is particularly suitable for beginners due to its mostly flat terrain and manageable distance.

Q: Do these trails offer bike rentals? A: Yes, all these locations have nearby bike rental shops. However, it’s always best to check ahead and book in advance.

Q: Are these trails open year-round? A: While most of these trails are open year-round, weather conditions can affect their accessibility, especially in winter. It’s always recommended to check local weather and trail conditions before setting out.


There you have it – five incredible hidden-gem bicycle trails that will make your next cycling adventure truly unforgettable. By choosing these lesser-known paths, you’ll not only enjoy remarkable scenery and unique cultural experiences, but also the joy of discovering a local secret.

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